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The Deer and Large Game Hunting Academy is an online platform that provides a number of Deer Stalking Qualifications and Master Classes, delivered by leading industry experts. Through the Academy’s list of courses and master classes, beginners and experienced hunters alike, can gain an in depth and unique level of training that enables candidates to shoot straighter, behave more effectively in the field and up their strike rate. 
Crucially, the Academy also offers you the opportunity to complete and obtain the theory element of the highly popular 'Proficient Deer Stalker Certificate Level 1' (PDS1) Deer Stalking Qualification, a Certificate that is widely recognised in the UK as a crucial first step in becoming a trained hunter.
Welcome to the Deer and Large Game Hunting Academy, an easy access, convenient platform delivering quality, structured training at a time and place that suits you.




I had wanted to do a deer stalking course for years, but never found the time. The online version of the PDS1 was perfect and allowed me to finally complete the course at my convenience.
R. Dukka
With my PDS1 in hand I finally had the confidence to successfully apply for my own Firearms Certificate, thanks to Peter and the team.
J. Richards


Q. I am completely new to deer stalking, is the PDS1 course for me?

A. Absolutely, the course is perfect for you and has been designed to help complete beginners become more proficient deer stalkers. It is also a crucial first step in obtaining a Firearms license to shoot deer.

Q. What is the difference between DSC1 and PDS1?

A. Both qualifications are excellent and broadly equivalent. However, whilst the DSC1 is delivered to groups in a classroom setting on specific dates. The PDS1 can be achieved through online training and one-to-one instruction at a time and place that suits you.

Q. I have an existing Firearms Certificate (FAC) but want to get a variation to be able to shoot deer, will the PDS1 help with this?

A. For those who already know how to shoot but wish to seek a variation to be able to hunt deer, the PDS1 Certificate is the perfect way to make the transition. It imparts safety and best practice guidelines, and by completing a course of study delivered by a reputable, established provider, helps demonstrate to the Police that you have taken the matter seriously.

Q. I am visiting the UK from abroad and wish to understand what is expected of me before I arrive, does the PDS1 help with this?

A. Yes, its perfect for those who are visiting the UK to hunt, you can complete the course online prior to arriving in the UK, that way you’ll understand the etiquette, how to behave and the law prior to arriving.

Q. Is the PDS1 an established and recognised qualification?

A. The PDS1 has been running for over a decade and has been awarded to hundreds of candidates. It is also recognised by the National Rifle Association, the Police and countless Landowners as an accepted deer management qualification.

Q. Having completed the PDS1 course, will I need to get my own FAC and rifle before I can go stalking?

A. No. UK law provides a legal provision called the ‘Estate Rifle’ which means that you are permitted to use your stalkers rifle when hunting in his presence.

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