Driven Boar Shooting Masterclass

UK CEO of Blaser Group and highly acclaimed driven boar shooter Frederic Hanner, delivers an in depth and insightful look at shooting driven Boar on the continent. The class is perfect for those traveling abroad to shoot driven boar and shines a light on elements such as; What to expect? How to behave, and of course how to shoot better.
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A few more words about Driven Boar Shooting Masterclass

Delivered by Ben Heath of ‘The Deer Box & Mike Robinson Fine Foods’ this ‘Masterclass in Skinning & Butchery’ is, in a word: ‘Superb’.

Winner of the ‘Eat Game Awards 2019 Best Small Retailer Selling Game’ – Leading distributor of UK Venison, Supplier of Venison to Michelin Star Restaurants. Leading industry professional Ben Heath is able to impart professional butchery and skinning skills in a clear and concise manner, that you can refer to again and again. 

Through a series of classes, delivered in an easy-to-follow manner, Ben tutors you in the subtleties of dealing with both large and small deer carcasses and delivers an in-depth appreciation of the art of butchery that will empower you to do it yourself.
The course includes:
 - Breaking down Large & Small Deer Carcasses
 - How to prepare ‘prime cuts’
 - How to prepare creations such as a fabulous ‘Rolled Saddle’, 
   'French Rack’ or Cannon of Venison
 - How to package and store your venison
 - Mincing, Burgers & Sausages
 - The Law
 - …and much more.

Maybe you regularly butcher your own deer carcasses, or would like to learn how to do it better? Perhaps you go on guided stalks and would like to take away your shot carcass? Or perhaps you have considered attending a butchery course? Either way, this course is for you and will empower you to take home your shot venison and present it in such a way as to ‘wow’ family and friends.

Unlike other courses which you need to attend in person, the added benefit of this butchery masterclass, is that you can stop and start it, refer to it again and again and watch it at a time and place that suits you. You can even have it playing on a laptop in front of you at home whilst you breakdown your own carcass. We defy even the most accomplished hunter not to learn a thing or two.
In the current climate, hunters should be proud of harvesting and consuming wild, free-range, sustainable meat from its natural environment and this Masterclass will demonstrate the very best way to do it. Meet the instructor  

Course contents

Meet the instructor

Frederic Hanner

At just 28 years old, Asimakis Chaniotis became the youngest Michelin Star Chef in London and the first Greek ever to be awarded a Michelin Star outside of Greece.

Asimakis Chaniotis was born in Athens, originated from Kefalonia and grew up in Peristeri.

'As a child and teenager I spent all my summer holidays in Kefalonia, fishing and hunting, activities that taught me the love of fresh produce.' Even now, every time I go back to Greece to see my family, I always make sure I bring back some family home made olive oil and wild oregano, that I collect myself at the family farm.'

From a young age Asimakis was also very interested in street art and whilst his interest in food began to flourish, art really inspired him and helped him to develop as a young chef.

As Asimakis aspirations grew, he moved to London where he started working at the prestigious Pied à Terre restaurant at just 22 years old. Here he honed his culinary skills, alongside the likes of renowned top chefs Marcus Eaves and Andy McFadden before being appointed executive Chef by highly acclaimed Restaurant owner David Moore at the age of just 27.
Today, Asimakis is a rising star in the restaurant world, having also been awarded a further 3 AA Rossettes and an ‘Acorn Award’.
Have a question for Asimakis? Would like to book him for a private dinner or special events? Or maybe would like to meet him in person at the Chef's Table at the famous Pied à Terre Restaurant?
If so, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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A keen deer stalker and hunter-gatherer, Asimakis is passionate about sustainable, wild produce, and during time away from the kitchen, spends countless hours in the countryside harvesting natural ingredients and hunting wild, free-range game.

Asimakis’s life-long passion for the countryside pervades his cooking and transports him into one of the finest game chef’s in the UK today. 

Course reviews

"LearnWorlds is the best learning platform I found so far. I was pleasantly surprised with the possibilities."
Walter White
Senior product manager
"LearnWorlds is the best learning platform I found so far. I was pleasantly surprised with the possibilities."
Walter White
Senior product manager
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